Why Energy?

Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows
how extremely expensive it is to be poor.”

—James A. Baldwin

The Energy Problem


Low-income households spend up to
30 percent of income on energy


4 million people die annually
because of indoor air pollution.


80 percent of the wood removed in the developing world is used for energy purposes

While there are technologies available to tackle each of these issues, there are barriers in the supply and distribution chains that stop individuals from being able to access them. Technologies are either unavailable in communities, too expensive, or not relevant to local customs.

Appropriate, Acceptable and Affordable energy products and services are key to tackling poverty and environmental degradation.

Our Vision

We believe that equitable access to energy, food and sanitation is a fundamental human right. Our vision is to wipe out the poverty tax in partnership with the low-income communities where we work. What we strive for is a world where the poorest no longer pay the most for basic services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa through the promotion of innovative market-based solutions that combat poverty and environmental degradation.

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