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‘There is no power more expensive than no power’.

— lndira Ghandhi

The Prime Stove

Prime StoveThe Prime gasifier cookstove improves the efficiency of combustion and thermal transfer to the pot compared with a traditional stove, three-stone fire or existing improved charcoal stove available on the market. Small pieces of brittle wood are burnt in a burning chamber under favourable conditions. This enables an almost complete combustion with low emissions of smoke and carbon monoxide.

30 percent less

household fuel expenditures

Reduction of

4,637 tonnes of CO2

per stove per year

Fewer indoor air pollutants

emitted, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulates

Sustainable Biomass

Sustainable BiomassSEM has developed a supply of renewable wood biomass as a cheaper and environmentally sustainable alternative cooking fuel for charcoal users. Residues from sustainably managed harvest operations is collected from existing plantations.. Also, new short rotation plantations are being developed to specifically supply sustainable fuel wood. SEM planted 27.000 trees in the village of Mbackombel with our partner the National Ecovillage Agency. SEM also distributed over 5.000 trees to small-scale farmers from its trees nursery in the village of Louly Ngogom in Senegal. In the long-term our goal is to support village tree nurseries and reforest 5,000 ha of degraded land by providing farmers with training and inputs to plant woodlots as a future income generating activity.

Reduced degradation

of environmental resources

Reduced distance

between fuel source and consumer

Reduced price

of fuel


EcoSacThe Eco-Sac is a locally manufactured temperature retention bag, which reduces the economic, health, time and labor burden of cooking in a way that is both affordable and environmentally sustainable.

After a pot of food has been partially cooked, it is removed from its original cooking source and sealed inside the Eco-Sac. The Eco-Sac will continue to cook the food without any need for additional fuel. In addition, the EcoSac can also be used as a safe short-term alternative for refrigeration.

By using this, the Eco-Sac will help families reduce cooking time, indoor air pollution, and economic and labor burden of fuel collection.

Reduced labour and time burden

of cooking

Reduced fuel


Reduced health risks

from exposure to indoor air pollutants

Solar Lights

Ndiayene Ndiobene school - Kaolack (81)Designed to replace paraffin and short-life battery lamps, the diverse solar lights we sell offer adjustable brightness settings, individual solar panels, multi-functional stands and smart mobile phone charging. After a single sunny day of charging, the lights shine for hours, even days, at significantly higher brightness levels of currently available lighting sources. Furthermore, they are built to be durable and easy to use. You can pick them up, throw them around, drop them, and they will continue to work. At SEM we are about removing barriers so people at the base of the pyramid can access the best available renewable energy technologies. Therefore, quality and durability, are as important as pricing.

25 percent income increase

from using solar lights

75 percent increased study time

in home using solar lights

115kg CO2 emissions reduced

per household per year

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