Our Partners

Our Partners

ENERGIA is an International Network of like-minded organisations and professionals that was established in 1996 to create an institutional base for galvanising action aimed at integrating gender into the energy access agenda of developing countries.  SEM Fund, in collaboration with GVEP International, received funding from SIDA, NORAD and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. through ENERGIA to implement “Women Economic Empowerment and Energy Access”.


SVA is the sister organization of SEM based in Lusaka, Zambia. SVA was also co-founded by Dr. John Fay and shares the same vision and mission as SEM. SVA closely partners with SEM to develop the CDM Sustainable Energy Programme and to share knowledge around collective development approach and aim of creating positive change in Africa.


GVEP International is a non-profit organisation working to alleviate poverty in developing countries through increased access to sustainable, renewable energy. GVEP and SEM are jointly implementing “Women Economic Empowerment and Energy Access” project, funded by ENERGIA, in Tambacounda and Kedougou. Through this project, we’ll work with 250 women-led micro and small enterprises to promote women’s participation in the energy value chain and increase access to energy in the region.


With the support of Grand Challenges Canada, we are addressing indoor-air pollution, which currently causes yearly 4 millions preventable deaths globally. Our intervention will remove all technological, financial, technical, and logistical barriers so poor households can access existing appropriate technologies.


Since 2010, Inspire Foundation and SEM have been partnered to provide micro-loans in 5 villages and 3 poor neighbourhoods in Dakar. Additionally, the education projects have provided solar powered computers and training to the village of Mbackombel. Funding from Inspire allowed the implementation of solar lights libraries in 58 school in rural Senegal.


With support USAID DIV, SEM is expanding the manufacturing and supply chain capacities in order to make the EcoSac a viable solution to Senegalese families and those the world over.


SEM partners with Zidisha.org to help entrepreneur’s access finance. We identify promising resellers of our Eco-Products that are Internet-savvy and introduce them to Zidisha’s direct peer-to-peer loan offering


SEM Supported UNOPS Eco-Community Project Manager for an article on Drought Risk Reduction through the “eco-community” model for UNISDR’s publication Africa Informs

Visit the Solaraid website

SEM assisted SolairAid in the delivery of 58 light libraries, called “Luminothèques” in rural Senegal.


SEM provided technical assistance to Bridge
over the past three years for the creation of the Bridge Kids community center and the eco-friendly brick manufacturing plant.


SEM and ENDA are collaborating together to accelerate low-carbon development in Senegal. The organizations are working to remove barriers or to fix missing links to provide access to appropriate technologies through a market-based approach.


Since 2011 SEM has provided entrepreneurship and market access training to refugees in Senegal. In 2013 SEM in launching a program aiming to provide eco-friendly kits containing an efficient cooking and pico-solar lamps to refugees in camps. This program will greatly reduce the impacts of refugees camps on the environment, prevent further conflicts between refugees and surrouding communities, and reduce other negative effect of using .

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a public-private initiative led by the United Nations Foundation to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women and preserve the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean cooking solutions. SEM has been registered with the alliace since 2012.
SEM receives supports as a member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cooking

CDM Support Facitlity

The CDM Loan Scheme is a UNFCCC facility that supports CDM project developpers with a loan to cover the costs of PDD developpment, valdation, registration and verification costs. The loans represent a very usefull support mechanism for CDM project devellppers and have been made available since 2012.

SEM is currently working with the Santa Clara University Frugal Innovation Lab to develop a mobile app to better enable the distribution of its products throughout Dakar’s peri-urban areas.

ConceptLink and the Segal Family Foundation jointly ran a webimar regarding crowdfunding and communication strategies for non-governmental organizations. SEM Fund was a finalist of the learning exercise and won USD 500 for it!